So~~~~~Here are my cute doggies:-D!!!
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My Two Little Angels

         Almost ten years ago, two little puppies came into my life.  One of them is an energetic beagle, whose name is Mocha.  The other one is an active Maltese, whose name is Shigua.  They have so much in common.  For example, they are both gluttonous.  Their stomachs are like bottomless black holes; no matter how much they’ve eaten, they still seem very hungry.  What’s more, their energy is inexhaustible.  They can play the whole day without taking a short break.  Despite their similarities, their differences are what make them special, in terms of their appearances, characteristics, and what they have given me.

            The most obvious difference between Mocha and Shigua is their appearances.  First, Mocha is an overweight beagle, and his length is about 80 centimeters.  Whenever people see him, they are all stunned by Mocha’s size and say, “Do such big beagles really exist?”  Compared to Mocha, Shigua is much smaller.  He is only 45 centimeters long, and he is in good shape.  Second, Mocha has short colorful coat, while Shigua has long pure white one.  Mocha’s fur on his back is black, and he has white and brown patches on his head and legs.  In addition, compare with Mocha, Shigua has longer fur, so he can have more hairstyles.  The most common hairstyle of Shigua is having two bright blue ribbons on his ears.  Third, Mocha has two big ears, which make him look like Dumbo, the baby elephant in a Disney movie.  In contrast, Shigua’s ears are like two small thin potato chips.  Last, Mocha has a very straight tail, which is black with a white spot on the tip.  However, Shigua has a little curly, fluffy tail.

            Apart from their adorable appearances, their loveable characteristics attract me more.  Mocha is curious and brave, while Shigua is clingy and timid.  When I take them to the park, Mocha always disappears from my sight as soon as we arrive at the park and goes on his adventure.  Nonetheless, Shigua likes to stay by my side; if he finds that I am out of his sight, he goes into a total panic and starts making a sad quivering sound just like a lost kid who can’t find his mother.  In addition, Mocha is a very clever and sly boy, while Shigua is a clumsy and silly boy.  Once when I was having a waffle, Mocha bumped into me purposely, trying to make me drop my waffle, and he succeeded.  As for the lovely Shigua, when we are playing ball at home, he always wants to catch the ball so much, but he keeps missing the ball and accidentally bangs his head against the wall or stairs instead.

            The third differences between Mocha and Shigua are what they have given me.  Mocha has been part of my life for more than nine years.  When I was in elementary school, Mocha became a substitute for my parents because my parents were very busy and I didn’t see them every day.  He played with me and let me know that I was not alone.  Moreover, He protects me like my own personal guardian.  One day when we were playing at the park, I was attacked by an enormous husky; Mocha interceded immediately and fought with that terrifying husky even though the husky was twice as big as Mocha.  On the other hand, Shigua has been my great soul mate for eight years, especially when I was in high school. At that time, I was suffering from a great depression because of my study.  Whenever I wanted to cry or even hurt myself, Shigua would notice and come to lick me, trying to let me know that with his company, I would get through my melancholy.  Without Shigua’s love, I could have been defeated by the stress and pressure of study.

            Both Mocha and Shigua are angels sent by God.  In my mind, they are the most charming dogs in the world.  Even though they have many differences in their looks and in their temperaments, both of them are very precious to me.  For me, they are not just pets; they are family.  I hope that they can stay healthy and stand by my side, just like the way they do now, till the end of the world.



Mocha just had an operation yesterday because his tumor has gotten worse...>__<...
But don't worry about it! The surgery was successful and my little boy, Mocha, is recovering now:-)!!!



Do you see Shigua's little togue? IT IS SO CUTEEEE!!!
How can he look so silly? HA HA HA~



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