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I'm back with my June Favourites.


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1.  BAK-OFF Bak-Kwa Dried Meat


Got my hands on BAK-OFF, a new Bak-Kwa brand in town!

Operated and owns renowned dried meat brand Oloiya.


Comes in 5 innovative flavours:

-  Nasi Lemak 耶!酱Fun!

 - TomYam 泰魅荡漾

 - Sambal 起立三八

- Garlic 十足胜蒜

 - Curry 哇咖哩共


Each piece comes in a

small vacuum-sealed packaging,

 you can consume it anytime, anywhere.

Try it yourself now and enjoy 10% OFF with



Get yours ▪️ here


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2. LAPALETTE Silk Tension Cover Pact 



Can’t deny that cushion is the best fit to get my makeup

done quickly yet effectively.

Another classy cushion from LAPALETTE,

I got mine in shade no.21 Light beige.


The sponge was designed in 3D Spider Web stamping

helps to prevent the pulling of silk protein essence and

pump the essence evenly into the puff.


It gives my skin a natural and healthy glow finish.


Get yours ▪️ here


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Cica Cream & Cica Mask


Centella Asiatica has been used for many years

because of its antibacterial, soothing, and healing properties.

The most common ones used in Korean skincare

are Madecassoside.


Tried on the new Charis skincare product:



This lightweight cream contains

both Madecassoside & Centella Asiatica leaf water

absorbs quickly on my skin and

helps to soothe irritated skin and repair skin.


Don’t forget to check out their

 M+ MADECASSOSIDE Cica Mask also,

 works especially when my skin is feeling irritated

and on the verge of a breakout.


Get yours ▪️ here (M+ Cream)

here (M+ Mask)


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