Gaston Luga Collection


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Gaston Luga, a Swedish backpack retailer located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden.

Their backpacks are uniquely designed to fit any setting and occasion.

Perfect fit for globetrotter who always carry their camera around!



Praper, a simplistic and elegant design that comes with adjustable shoulder straps featuring

 minimalist exterior and functional features. With thick strings closing the main compartment,

it is also equipped with an inner compartment which can hold your 13-15" laptop with ease,

making it a good choice for work and travel, not forgetting the two inner smaller pockets in it.


On the back of the backpack is their signature compartment specially designed for your passport,

 travel documents or other small belongings that need to be kept safe yet easily accessible. 

 Not to mention, the four metallic feet under the backpack is designed to give the extra protection.




Praper collection comes in 5 different colors:

Black, White, Pink, Olive & Black, Navy & Brown


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Gaston Luga Collection


链接:Gaston Luga












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