Proper hair care is important in maintaining hair growth and a healthy scalp. 

Using the right products will change your daily hair frustrations

like breakage, brittleness, and all for the positive!



Investing in a good hair care regimen is a definite to maintain a healthy hair!

You can easily solve your hair troubles and enhance your hair condition

even at home with Le ment, a salon-class hair care brand from Japan.


Check out this Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo from Le ment,

a special hair care product that promotes healthy scalp and hair

replacing the usual use of shampoo once in three days.





Le ment Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo, a salon grade shampoo that helps

to develop silky hair starting from the scalp with a thick foam texture

which is recommended to use every three days.




It contains highly concentrated carbonation that deep cleanses the pores and draws out

impurities that normal shampoo cannot cleanse, while leaving a moisturising feel to the scalp.


With Amino Acid cleansing ingredient, it helps to remove the alkaline residue after colouring,

 highlighting or perming your hair and bring it back to the healthy state which is mild acidity.


Moroccan oil and other premium luxury essential oil like Argan oil, Baobab oil,

Cupacu oil, Lipidure, Keratin and Fullerene which acts as a beauty ingredient

to repair and moisturize the hair are also added.


Not to mention, it's silicone free!




My hair tends to get frizzy in time with pretty fine hair and dry ends.

After using, my hair felt much healthier where I can actually feel the smoothness.

It simply improve my hair condition, split ends are also less noticeable.

 It lathers up quite well with a small amount of foam that it coats my hair easily.

It also works great in moisturizing yet not heavy in the hair.

I like how it makes my hair feel lighter and softer without weighing my hair down.






Use it once every three days or everyday if you are concerned of the

damage caused by dyeing, perming or straightening.



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