Introducing Althea's latest collaboration with Titi Kamal,

a fresh and feminine scented body mist for the urban femme!




Althea in collaboration with Titi Kamal, an Indonesian Star introduces its new creation,

sweet and elegant daily body mist, inspired by her stylish yet comfort style.




Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist, a delightful feminine mix of floral and fruity scents

featuring sweet orange, fresh peach and elegant rose. With Damask Rose Water as

one of the key ingredients, it delivers a gentle fragrance while keeping the skin hydrated.


This fragrance has a subtle gentle floral scent with a touch of sweetness and it’s lightweight with

 a rose scent, not overpowering which is suitable for any occasions, from a sweet romantic look

  to an everyday casual. I usually don’t like too much of rose scent in my perfume but this one has a

 great combination of floral and citrus. I like the fact that it’s smooth and non-sticky that feels

 comfortable on the skin, not to mention that the price is affordable too as a daily body mist!




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