Hydration is the foundation of a great K-Beauty routine.



Lately, I got to try out few hydrating products from a K-Beauty brand, Thank You Farmer.

Their products are made with the values learned from farmers: Honesty, Earnestness and Gratitude

to achieve balance for healthy skin slowly and naturally without burdening the skin.


While using, I include their Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream and

Back to Relax Soothing Gel Mask together in my routine. I also pair them with

their Be Beautiful makeup line here and here for a natural and glowing makeup completion.



The True Water range includes:

True Water Deep Toner

True Water Deep Serum

True Water Deep Emulsion

True Water Deep Cream

True Water Vita Mist




True Water Deep Toner




You heard of makeup primer, what about skincare primer?

Toner is like a primer for your skincare routine, think of toner as prep for your pores that

helps your skin to absorb other skincare products and deliver skin a quick hit of hydration.


True Water Deep Toner fortifies the moisturizing energy as if you apply ampoules.

The texture of a rich ampoule helps to penetrate the skin thoroughly.

This Deep Toner can help you to boost the penetration of the

following skincare products and amplify their effectiveness.




True Water Deep Serum




Choosing the right serum is vital in creating a skincare regimen that brings out your most

beautiful skin. True Water Deep Serum is another product from the True Water series. It has a

 concentrated texture that smoothes skin and retains moisture to form a radiant protective barrier.

I like its honey-like adhesiveness that absorbs to the skin well with a moist glow effect.




True Water Deep Emulsion




Basically, emulsion is like a moisturizer but slightly more watery.

This True Water Deep Emulsion is rich enough to cover a broad area with a small amount.

It forms a moisture barrier rather than just penetrating the skin and at the same time

supply nourishment. You may mix one or two drops of Toner/Serum/Emulsion

with their BB cream for glowing makeup.




True Water Deep Cream




A honey-like moisturizing cream designed to soothe and protect dry and tired skin with its

 exceptional hydrating barrier. The texture is a honey-like chewy type with a moisture wrapping

 effect after applying. It relieves roughness and dead skin cells for vitality and radiance. I love

how it delivers a honey-like glow with great adherence and long lasting moist after application.




True Water Vita Mist



Our skin needs vitamins too!


This hydrating Vita Mist is packed with a total of 13 vitamins that are essential to the skin

to provide skin vitality and deliver moisture evenly to the skin. It has a double layer of oil

 and water, the Vita Oil layer and Vita Moisture layer to create a double moisture barrier.


The Vita Moisture layer provides moisture while the Vita Oil layer prevents moisture evaporation.

Remember to shake well before using so that both layers are mixed sufficiently.

It can be used before or after makeup.





I like how Thank You Farmer True Water range helps to enhance my skin texture and

keep my skin hydrated and nourished. Not to mention, their unique honey-like texture

that makes skin feel soft and smooth like those "Chok-Chok" honey skin.




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