Are you wearing the right sunglasses for your face shape?



Sunglasses are a staple and it's a must-have whether it's spring, 

summer, winter or fall as we wear sunglasses all year round.

Besides protecting us from UV rays, we use it as an accessory 

by adding them to our ensemble to have that effortless cool and chic look.





They come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors, which means 

there's a pair for every face and outfit because not all are made to suit everyone.


Here's a little tips on picking the perfect pair of sunglasses to suit for your face shape!








Square-Shaped Face


Square face, defined by an angular shape where the length and width 

are proportional with minimal curves, square chin, strong and defining jawbone.


For square-shaped face, avoid getting any square or rectangular shades.

Opt for more curvy and rounded frames, shapes like 

round, oval, cat-eye and aviators are perfect for square face.

Frames with rounded edges help to soften the sharpness 

by balancing the angles and make it appear a little longer.








Round-Shaped Face


Round face, defined by a soft, circular shape where the length and 

width are almost equal, full cheeks and rounded chin.


For round-shaped face, avoid getting round sunglasses.

Opt for square or rectangular frames.

With the angular lines in the sunglasses, it helps to add angles and 

make your face appear slimmer by balancing out the roundness.

Basically, try getting frames that are wider than your face which 

add more of a balance to your soft features, make it appear longer and slimmer.








Heart-Shaped Face


Heart face shape, defined by a broader forehead and a narrow chin.


For heart-shaped face, avoid getting frames that contrast 

with your face shape like square, rectangular and heart-shaped frames.

Opt for light colored frames or frames that are bottom-heavy and thin on the top.

Shapes like round, cat-eye and aviators are just nice for a heart face shape.









Oval-Shaped Face


Oval face, defined by the shape of an egg where the length is longer 

than the width, forehead slightly wider than the chin.

Basically, oval face shape is balanced and proportionate because 

the sides of the face are slightly curved and there are no sharp angles.

You can easily pull off any shape or style of sunglasses!


For oval face, just avoid sunglasses frames that are too wide and basically 

you can go for anything! Try everything on and see which fits you the best!










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