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Want your skin to look more plump and supple?

Less dull and more healthy?

 Want your skin to become less oil?

 Your foundation adhere better?

Only solution is to hydrate your skin.



I'm back with another MIRAE review.

Have always been a fan of hydrating line 💧

Been using the famous #Mirae 8 minutes mask and

I'm impressed with the results!

Today I will be reviewing their Basic 3-Step Skincare Set.


Let's Unbox!


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The MIRAE Basic+ 3-Step Skincare Set comes with three products:

=> MIRAE Basic+ Hydro Toner

=>  MIRAE Basic+ Hydro Essence

=> MIRAE Basic+ Hydro Lotion


I’ll walk you through the skincare routine (below).


While drinking plenty of water is still the easiest way to hydrate our skin, 

but those with dry skin 

will benefit from a hydrator with hyaluronic acid. 

“Hyaluronic acid is 

so far the gold standard for hydrating” 


So sweet isn't?

They even label the step on the bottle.



Step ONE | Mirae Basic+ Hydro Toner (80ml)


After cleansing, it's time to tone. 

The second step in your routine should be a toner.  


Why TONER is Important?

A toner's main function is to balance the skin's pH and

 gently remove excess dead skin cells

This is important because when the skin's pH is balanced and

 dead skin is removed, a better surface for serums and lotions is achieved

 If you skip this step, 

your routine becomes less effective and results are muted. 





Light on skin,

it's so watery that it penetrates the skin immediately

upon application makes skin feel luxuriously soft.

My skin feels hydrated after applying.

Helps prep skin for following serums and lotions.


 After cleansing face, 

take appropriate amount and gently pat on skin until fully absorb.


- - -



Step TWO | Mirae Basic+ Hydro Serum (15ml)


You may apply serum to your skin after cleansing

 but before moisturizing with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients 

directly into the skin.


Why SERUM is Important?

Serum is a skincare product made up of smaller molecules

which can penetrate deeply into the skin and

  deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients




Concentrated gel-like texture.

One or two pumps just enough for whole face.

Glides on smoothly on skin. 

Pat gently until your skin fully absorbed.

Quick absorb to skin 

It works wonder especially when my skin are dry.

Skin feels hydrated after using.


After toning, 

take appropriate amount and gently pat on skin until fully absorb.


- - -

Step THREE | Mirae Basic+ Hydro Lotion (30ml)


According to

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a cosmetic dermatologist,

it's best to apply face lotion

 after your face toner and serum

because your skin will be primed to soak up the hydrating properties.



Milky white texture.

I'm amazed that it spread easily on skin 

 although the texture a bit thick.

 Absorbs into skin fast without stickiness

nor tackiness.

Lightweight and gentle on skin

This lotion does the trick

you don't need a lot.


Rub a pea-size amount between the palms of your hands, 

and gently pat on skin until fully absorb.

Apply on your face, neck, and chest.



- - -


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