Hypoallergenic Makeup is not necessarily costly, 

with the new product line from BELL Cosmetics

you can get them easily now as they are affordably priced!




BELL Cosmetics, a makeup brand from Poland is renowned for its line

of dermatologist-approved makeup products known as BELL HYPOAllergenic,

designed for ladies prone to allergies and irritation.


The brand is available in selected Caring Pharmacies!





BELL HYPOAllergenic Mat & Smooth Makeup Base


A Mattifying and Smoothing Makeup Base which is applied on the skin 

before putting on makeup to reduce the shine or oiliness of the skin complexion.

Easy application and it also moisturizes and smoothes skin texture 

with a matte and silky smooth finish.


Priced at RM 52.90






BELL HYPOAllergenic Pore Correcting Primer


Lightweight and buildable Face Primer with non-greasy consistency, 

it ensures easy application and prolongs makeup durability. 

It enhances appearance of skin tone and reduces the visibility of pores.


Priced at RM 52.90






BELL HYPOAllergenic Anti Redness Primer


 Primer can help to create a smooth base for the rest of the makeup application. 

This color correcting primer has a green tint to neutralize redness 

and conceal skin imperfections, covering up the blood vessels. 

Easy application with light formula, 

bringing the skin back to neutral and ready for your foundation.


 Priced at RM 52.90





 BELL HYPOAllergenic Creamy Rouge Glow Stick 


 Stick Blush for highlighting the cheekbones and modeling the contours of the face.

It comes in a stick form which makes the application much more convenient and accurate. 


Available in 2 shades!


Priced at RM 49.90 each.





 BELL HYPOAllergenic Modelling Rouge 


 Modelling Blush contains ultra-micronized talc for easy application with silky soft finish.

Soft and creamy blush coated with jojoba oil esters to moisturize the skin, 

deliver a natural blushing glow with intense color!


Available in 3 shades!


Priced at RM 35.90 each.





 BELL HYPOAllergenic Mat Lip Liquid


Liquid formula allows for easy and precise application.

It does not leave the lips dry while remain soft and moist through the day.


Available in 6 shades!


Priced at RM 35.90 each.




 BELL HYPOAllergenic Intense Color Moisturizing Lipstick


It has a velvet and creamy consistency which covers 

the lips with a uniform color without the sticking-together effect.








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