Do you know that the 

Tone of your Hair can totally Change your Look?


A subtle change can make a huge difference!




Cool Toned Hair Colors

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Warm or Cool Toned Hair Colors can really alter your look!


Warm Shades like Red, Orange and Gold add more color to the face.

 Cooler Shades like Platinum Blonde, Blues,  

Greens, Greys and Violets cool down your complexion.


Turquoise has always been my dream hair color 

and I managed to try it out at Hair Quarters Malaysia!


Can't wait to show you my first Turquoise Hair!





Hair Quarters @ Pavilion Elite, Kuala Lumpur



A great combo of convenience, style and quality.


Founded by Janice Lim

Hair Quarters is dedicated in delivering excellent services 

in professional hairdressing in a comfortable and posh setting.





Spacious and cozy ambience



Hair Quarters also provide an one on one private styling experience.

They have private styling rooms for clients who want premium personal styling experience.

You may contact them to schedule any services in their private styling room!








Hair Transformation Process


Now let's get started with my full hair transformation with Hair Quarters!






My previous hair color was Warm Toned in Caramel Brown.

So now I decided to try out new hair color in cooler shades.


Look at my frizzy and damaged hair! HAHA




Bleaching in process ...


Bleaching is a process of lightening the hair color 

by removing the natural pigment in your hair so that the hair color turns out nicer!




AFTER Bleaching ...


Turns out to a light blonde color.







Before and After


Dark Turquoise tone with a hint of Brown.




Love it


It gives a unique brilliant look!




It looks a little blueish in some angle and lighting.





Love the color Turquoise as it's often associated with calmness and femininity!




Side View 




Back View




Pretty hair color ♥





Wonderful job done by Hair Quarters Malaysia!




Thank you Hair Quarters for styling my hair!










Do check them out for more!










Address: Lot 6.101.00,

Level 6, Pavilion Elite,

166, Jalan Bukit Bintang

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: 03-2110 6278

Operation Hours: 10am-10pm 

Facebook: Hair Quarters Malaysia




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Hairstyle picture credits to picture owner.

All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely based on my personal experiences and preferences. 

Results may vary on different person.



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