23.5°N has finally landed in Malaysia!


Available exclusively at SASA Malaysia!




SASA x 23.5°N Beauty Workshop





A little intro about 23.5°N,

a natural beauty brand based in Taiwan 

aimed to create Simple, Natural and Additive-FREE 

products which is suitable for all skin types. 


The story behind their brand name - 23.5°N, 

is Taiwan and the Southern part of China emerges out of dead-alive areas, 

with flourishing wood, lush greens, abundant rainfall and 

prosperous harvest which helped in producing a diverse of crops.


Hence, the blessing island was called "The Magical Green Belt of the Tropic".


 23.5°N explores the finest origin of natural resources in the blessing island, Taiwan.




23.5°N Product Range




23.5°N Bamboo Ultra Hydrating Series





23.5°N Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Series




23.5°N Rice Soothing Series





23.5°N Red Pearl Barley Brightening Series




Beauty Workshop



23.5°N Spokesperson from Taiwan




Beauty Ingredients



Red Pearl Barley Seed Material




Oriental Beauty Tea Leaf Material




Bamboo Fragrant Oil | 青




Magnolia Flower Fragrant Oil | 玉兰花




DIY Sheet Mask



We use ingredients such as 

Peppermint, Oat, Red Pearl Barley, Rice, Oriental Beauty Tea, Bamboo 

and so on to create our very own sheet mask.




The base mixture for DIY sheet mask





Add the ingredients based on our own preferences.




Stir it well once finish adding the ingredients.




Pour it over the plain cotton sheet mask.

That's all!




Had so much fun during the DIY Sheet Mask session.

Thank you for having me!




Do check them out for more!







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