Sheet Masks from Korea ~


We all love sheet masks for their great ability in 

hydrating, soothing and brightening our complexions in mere minutes!


Today's blog post is about reviewing  

ID.AZ Dermastic Premium Sheet Mask Series!




A little intro about this mask, it's created by "id Healthcare Group"

an organization that researches facial contours and 

helps people without undergoing a surgery.

 Their aim is to care for sensitive skin as well as facial contour.





ID.AZ Dermastic Premium Sheet Mask Series:


Golden-Fit Mask

Water-Fit Mask

Bright-Fit Mask








ID.AZ Dermastic Golden-Fit Mask





Golden-Fit Mask - For balanced nutrition


This mask is one of the most popular treatment of ID Dermatology!

It is based on high level of esthetic know-how 

which can be conveniently used at home for rich nourishment.


It's a jelly textured Hydrogel mask in highly elastic modeling pack 

developed for deep nutrition with great moisturizing effect.


The sheet comes in 2 different parts, 

the upper and the lower part which is easier to apply.

Active ingredients such as gold brightens and purifies the skin, 

honey and royal jelly for elastic skin.


I've found that Hydrogel masks lock in moisture better 

and adhere to your face easier.


Priced at RM 19.90




ID.AZ Dermastic Water-Fit Mask




Water-Fit Mask - Enhance dry and rough skin


It's a skinny fit mask type which helps in 

delivering deep moisturizing ingredient to the skin.


It has a great moisturizing and 

soothing effect with high concentration of moist.


My face was nicely moisturized and soothed after usage 

and also it helps to calm your skin. 

It reduces and soothes blemishes and red spots.

It's perfect if you are looking for hydration without irritation!


Priced at RM 12.90




ID.AZ Dermastic Bright-Fit Mask




Bright-Fit Mask - Enhance dark skin tone


It's a soft Micro-fiber mask with pearl and berry power brightening 

which is great in delivering immediate active ingredients 

and giving noticeable brightness to the skin with no irritation.


It brightens and revitalizes dull skin as well as lightens skin complexion.


Suitable for those who wish to brighten 

their skin tone and those with dark complexion.


I love the texture of the mask which is very thin and soft.

It increases absorption as it's Micro-fiber. 

It fits really well on my face where usually I have to fold them.


Priced at RM 12.90










It is vital to take good care of your skin 

because the better skin you have, the less makeup you will actually need. 


It's so much easier to apply makeup after using

ID.AZ Dermastic Premium Sheet Mask.


Plus, beautiful skin makes any makeup look better.  






 Get your very own  

ID.AZ Dermastic Premium Sheet Mask

at only  

RM 19.90 (Golden-Fit)

RM 12.90 (Bright-Fit/Water-Fit)

 (*Buy 2nd pcs at only RM 1)


Available at Watson stores in Malaysia!






ID.AZ Dermastic

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