Sheet masks is .

It's like a mini facial,

but way cheaper and you don't have to leave the house.

Am I right?

So happy that I have finally gotten my hands on this

ID.AZ Dermastic Mask series!


Let's see what inside!


Yeahh ~ 




Created by ID Beauty Health Care Group.

Based on clinical know-how from giving operation to about 

60,000 people for the past 18 years.

ID purpose is to take care of sensitive skin, and seeking cosmetics to take care of facial shape.

Where you can have luxurious skincare at home at ease.


Comes in Classy and minimal 

packaging design.


ID.AZ Premium Dermastic mask series, 

comes in THREE types:

Bright-Fit Mask 

Water-Fit Mask

Golden-Fit Mask






Brightens up dry and dull skin.

Green tea and Licorice calm and detox skin, 

pearl and blueberry work hard to brighten skin.



 Made of 

Microfiber sheet mask.

A transparent thin layer of micro fiber sheet that 

contains lots of essence which

tightly attach to face and deliver effective ingredients.


Easy application.

It does brightens up my skin and 

skin feels refreshed after using.

The fit is GREAT and

 the thin mask immediately adheres to my skin very very well.


By the next morning,

  my face felt softer and smoother in texture.

It gives my face just what it needs - ample hydration and brightening.


Priced at RM12.90 and

get the 2nd pcs at only RM1.






Moisturizing in the way of ID!


Give your skin an instant hit of hydration,with this

soaked in serum moisturizing mask.

The key ingredients - Marine water collagen that contains 

deep sea water, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid.


There are many hydrating ingredients to this sheet mask 

which is why I think my skin 

loves it so much.



Easy to apply.

This premium thin skin fit mask adheres to skin perfectly.

It also easy to adjust for fit.

Mask forms to the skin better than traditional cotton sheet masks.

Delivering extreme hydration to dry skin.

Light on the skin.

It contains cool and rich hydration essence 

which gives moisture glowing skin care.


Yay~Say NO to Dry skin!

My skin has become much more elastic after applying.

Recommended to dry and rough skin.


***Remember not to leave sheet masks on for more than 20 minutes.

Longer isn't always better for sheet masks 

when it comes to application.

If the sheet mask itself dries out, 

it will start sucking moisture out from your skin.

Oh and don't forget to moisturize your skin after using.


Priced at RM12.90 and

get the 2nd pcs at only RM1.





The most popular treatment of ID dermatology!


This gold and honey power couple, work to brighten and nourish your skin.

It looks quite different from the standard sheet mask

as you can see from the packaging.

It's a Premium Hydrogel mask instead of

being made of either cotton or fiber

(most common for sheet masks),

hydrogel masks are made of a slicker material. 


Why Hydrogel mask?

A polymer gel that holds 99% of liquid,

 locks moisture and releases nourishing serums into the skin.

One of those improved mask to boost skin texture and appearance. 



This Premium Dermastic Golden-fit mask is 

Hydrogel sheet type mask

which divided into:

(A) Upper half

(B) Lower half

Very intimate design isn't?

It comes in two pieces for a better fit. 


This Luxurious golden-fit mask contains gold that 

purifies and brightens skin.

Gold for skin care?


Using gold for skin care has become popular nowadays. 

Since early times, gold in skin care products was very well known 

been used by Japanese, Romans and Egyptians.

Other than gold,

it also contains honey, royal jelly, propolis, aloe vera and red ginseng collagen 

which turn skin elastic and healthy. 


Convenient to use.

This premium hydrogel mask texture a bit like pudding.

I like that it tends to adhere to skin very well,

 does not slip or slide.

The essence sinks right into my skin.

Non sticky and non messy.


My skin feels much more brighter after using.

Say Goodbye to dry and rough skin!


Priced at *RM19.90/pcs

and get the 2nd pcs at only RM1.



Pamper your skin now with ID.AZ Dermastic Premium mask!

Enjoy luxurious experience skin care at home.


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Why wait?

Check them out now!

Available at Watsons stores.


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Website: http://id-az.co.kr/

Facebook: 아이디에이지 - ID.AZ

Instagram: @idplacosmetics



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